It’s a fact that we spend lots of time on cooking and it takes longer to prepare the food then to eat it. That’s why everybody loves easy and quick everyday recipes. The everyday routine takes so much time that it’s better to sleep well that to cook for several hours.
This time we have a selection of recipes to help you to prepare perfect dinner with minimum effort.
Let’s start with the new version of meatballs that your family will love. Boil potatoes and cut after that. Put pieces into a baking tray. Prepare meatballs and place over the potato and add bechamel sauce and cheese. Bake for 15 minutes and enjoy!
Stuffed potatoes will be your favorite dish after watching this video tutorial! How to make stuffed potatoes: Bake potatoes for 45 minutes. Remove the potatoes from the oven, let cool and carefully cut them in half. Remove the cooked flesh from the potato skins and put in a bowl. To prepare perfect topping you will need to mix flesh with sour cream, ham and green onion. Put the potato mixture back into the potato shells. The next step is to put the rest of the potato flesh into the baking tray and put stuffed potatoes upside down. Cover with bechamel sauce and bake for 20 minutes. Voila!
Do you love pasta as we do? Watch this video to find a lot of ways to make pasta t home like an Italian! Homemade pasta is a culinary masterpiece that your family gonna love! From now every dinner will be a culinary fairy tale! Check out how to make such pasta as farfalle, conchiglie, rocchetti and more! Don’t forget to use food coloring! Moreover, you will find how to make perfect ravioli from scratch! Sounds yummy?
Check out more clever cooking hacks: how to eat Choco-pie, how to sharpen a knife, quick way to cut cherry tomatoes and more!


00:12 Perfect meatballs with potatoes
01:25 Stuffed potato recipe
02:58 Do you love pancakes?
03:42 Homemade Italian pasta
10:15 Quick ice cream recipe

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