Greeting cards are a very cheap and lovely way to express your feelings. Cute and handmade DIY card from the heart is always a good gift that will cost a penny. Check out a collection of ways of making DIY greeting cards. Holidays are coming and you have enough time to create a creative card for each member of your family! All supplies that you will need for the creative process you might already have at home as we suggest to use buttons, cinnamon sticks, ribbons, yarn, and even peanuts!
Let’s start from an idea that every child or even adult will totally love – a card with Kinder chocolate! Take a piece of paper and using a glue gun attach 3-4 Kinder chocolate to it. Finally, add cut out the flame on the top of each chocolate and stars or any decoration. Ready!
We have plenty of ideas on how to make cards with Christmas tree: cut them out of paper, use a cinnamon stick and ribbon to create a minimalistic tree,
Another awesome idea that your friends will adore is to make yarn cards with beads. Cut your paper into card size and using a pencil draw a tree shape. Poke holes with your needle along your drawn shape and erase the pencil lines. Thread yarn through the holes and add beads. Ready!
Buttons are so cool to make cute cards! You can make different pictures and you might already have a lot of buttons that you don’t really need! Let’s use them and create a little snowman with a scarf, a lovely pig, Christmas tree or a colorful wreath! Aren’t these lovely button cards too cute!?
Check out more amazing ideas on how to make greeting cards:
– Fingerprint Tree Cards. You can create different animals using a paint and black marker
-Use pencil shavings to make a card with Christmas tree
-Decorate a card using washi tape. It will literally take seconds to make colorful cards for your friends
-Minimal DIY cards made from glitter. Use a paintbrush to create a masterpiece

00:55 Cards with Christmas trees
06:09 Snowglobe greeting card
07:56 How to decorate cards using buttons
08:55 Cards with reindeer
10:18 Fingerprint art
09:56 Greeting card for Starbucks lovers

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