TAKEN 3 (2015) Official TRAILER #3 HD (Stop Takin My S**t) LIAM NEESON


Aka Tak3n – LIAM NEESON is back to kick ass….When Bryan Mills (Neeson) is suspected for a murder he didn’t commit, things go wrong.

Bryan rendezvous’ with his daughter, Maggie, in the women’s restroom during her class at UCLA. The police discover his whereabouts and attempt to apprehend him at the university. Bryan sets off a flash grenade in a classroom, setting off the school’s fire sprinkler system, creating havoc and allowing his escape.

Argentina Búsqueda implacable
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Твърде лично
Brazil Busca Implacável
Canada (French title) L’enlèvement
Czech Republic 96 Hodin
Germany 96 Hours
Estonia Röövitud
Spain Venganza
Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) I arpagi
Greece Η Αρπαγή
Croatia 96 sati
Hungary Elrabolva
Italy Io vi troverò
Italy (reissue title) Taken – Io vi troverò
Japan 96-jikan
Lithuania Pagrobimas
Latvia (TV title) Nolaupiitaa
Mexico Búsqueda implacable
Peru Búsqueda implacable
Poland Uprowadzona
Portugal Busca Implacável
Romania Teroare in Paris
Serbia 96 sati
Serbia (literal title) Oteta
Russia Заложница
Turkey (Turkish title) 96 saat
Uruguay (working title) Búsqueda implacable
Venezuela Búsqueda implacable


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