Top 10 – BEST MOVIES of 2014 [HD]


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015! This is my TOP 10 favorite ACTION movies this year, i hope you guys enjoy!!

**Make sure you check out my TOP 10 BEST GAMES of 2014 :

Movies in this list: Lucy, Hobbit the battle of the five armies, No tears for the dead, lone survivor, sabotage, Fury, The Equalizer, John Wick, Raid 2, Sin City 2 ….

I’m a BIG fan of the 80’s movies and i feel like this list has all the best action movies of 2K14, before you ask why i didn’t include EXPENDABLES 3 well i hated it because it was PG13 and watered down…EXPENDABLES 4 will be R RATED though, Stallone said it in an interview, i hope it’s true…

TOP 10 Best Action Movies of 2013:

LONE SURVIVOR was released in December 2013 in some cinema (limited release) and the full release was in January 2014 in CANADA (where i am) and in USA so it’s a 2014 movie.

Other action movies i’ve enjoyed but didn’t make the list.
11- The November Man (7/10 not bad!!)
12- 22 Jump Street (6.5/10 funny but not as good as the first one)
13- Non-Stop (6/10 good story but soft ass action)
14- A Walk Among the Tombstones (6/10 very slow paced)
15- Expendables 3 (4/10 extended version) PG13 pissed me off

+ many others that i didn’t list

List your favorite movies down below in the comments, post a comment, i’ll reply!!

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