TOP 5 – Most BADASS Upcoming Movies of 2014 [HD]


(Official Trailers included) Best remaining Mature (R RATED) movies for 2014 for us adults to enjoy…

-THE EQUALIZER (2014) Starring Denzel Washington by the director of TRAINING DAY (2001)

-SIN CITY 2 (2014) By Robert Rodriguez and starring Bruce Willis

-A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES (2014) Starring Liam Neeson

-NO TEARS FOR THE DEAD (2014) Action packed mature movie from the director of A MAN FROM NOWHERE (good film)

-LUCY (2014) By LUC BESSON (Taken) starring Scarlett Johansson

These are the most badass R RATED movies coming out for the rest of the year, Expendables 3 is not on the list because it’s PG13 and will suck, i suggest we all boycott the movie and watch these badass movies instead, we have plenty to choose from, i will see all of these movies in cinema except No tears for the dead, which is not in cinema here.


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